Episode 5

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13th Dec 2021

Mr. Roboto (Babylon 5: S1 Ep4)

In today's episode we take a look at Babylon 5's season one episode Infection where the crew has to deal with a biomechanical super solider! To help with your immersion, my microphone decided I would play the role of robot host as well so enjoy! Sorry about the poor audio, it'll be fixed for the next episode promise! Have I mentioned how we don't know what we're doing yet...?

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The Podcasting Guild: Babylon 5
A fun look at Babylon 5 where one host doesn't know what he's doing and the other has never seen the show
Eric grew up watching Babylon 5, Andrew has never seen it, what happens when these two perspectives collide!? We take a fun, if slightly off color look at Babylon 5 one episode at a time. Join us as we find out if Babylon 5 was really as good as Eric remembers and whether its good enough to make Andrew a super fan too!

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